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I am just so fucking tired lately. This cold was a brutal one, and once it decided to leave my lungs, it went right up into my ears. The blocked ears, the dizziness, the fucking 28c/80% humidity no goddamn AC and I'm dizzy, sick, dehydrated, puking, coughing, not sleeping.

And oh could you do the dishes walk the dog do the laundry care for child finish the books do merch?

For the last 4 days I've had this gross taste in my mouth and it helps me feel ill too and trying to get liquids in and I just want to vomit right now. I AM SO FUCKING SICK AND BURNED OUT.

Then R is on one of his pick-pick benders and it just feels like I'd be better off walking. He at least took the dog out. I was really close to smashing every fucking bowl in the house. I'm tired of cleaning these massively heavy glass bowls he eats his fucking salads in. I'm SO VERY TIRED of cleaning all the bowls and bottles every fucking night. I am tired of empties he never moves to the recyc basket. I'm tired. I'm tired of this tiny fucking apartment and the fucking stupid elevators. Every where I turn I crash into shit.

It took three fucking hours to do laundry last night because of those fucking elevators. It should have taken half that. Next place is 2br, and INSUITE FUCKING LAUNDRY. BONUS FOR A FUCKING DISHWASHER SCREW THIS SHIT.

There's stuff I need to get done without a child being winged at me and I'm too sick to do half of it because every time I move I want to puke.
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