May. 21st, 2014

run, keep running.

clean the house, feed and entertain the small one, change the small one, errands, more cleaning, keep running, make jewelery, write, keep running.

R trimmed one of seras claws too short. AGAIN. Blood everywhere. Next time I'll find a fucking groomer.

Thinking of doing a major social media purge of dead-relationships. I'm tired of one sided efforts. If we haven't talked in a year, its a safe bet we're not talking any time soon.

Still waiting on novel reviews from copies sent over 8months ago. Gonna venture out on a limb here and say people probably wanted the freebie and didn't ever intend to follow through.

Still have to run some stuff down to the garbage bins, but my motivation for it? It can wait, its just cardboard and unlike everyone else, I refuse to stack it in the hall for someone else to clean up.

Bug, it sleeps. When we get back from travel in july, will prob. get gym membership to use to get me fit and him worn down.

dreamt last night that we decided to leave him in a train station. And 5 steps away I felt like I'd lost everything and ran back for him. The emptiness was so profound I could still feel it 12 hours later. Brains do strange things in dreams.

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