Apr. 27th, 2014

Letter debacle:

I didn't get a "we're cancelling your coverage because we have an issue in your file" letter. r says he got one and one came for me he figured was un important.

All I ever got was the "your card expires on apr 28 2014 so get in and renew or we'll cancel". Ok, SoooOOo they cancelled my card BEFORE THAT? if they did, I'm going goddamn nuclear on someone because R has done this before with bills, they get stashed away and forgotten and nothing said, and the cancelling of my card weeks before I'm coming in to renew anyway? Are ye shitting me? Someone in this needs a beatin'.

So that's what I get to do on my birthday. Whoopefucking doo.

He managed to come in around 11 pm and wake the bug up, who managed to promptly puke orange on dad ( pasta sauce and formula slightly overfull child). hahaha. You reap what you sow...

Changed bug into clean sleeper and diaper and took a while to get the crablet down. He's getting two more teeth. And he's 29/30 inches tall. HOLYFUCK.I'm 64 inches? He's HALF MY FUCKING HEIGHT.He's not even a year old.

Slow it down, baby boy.

watching the measles outbreak in ab. Bug does not have MMR yet so if it's still kind of a concern I'll see about getting his done a month before we go, not days. Because argg. I'll beat someone if their unvaxed kid spreads it to mine who can't be vaxed yet. Sis's kid: dunno if he is or not but if its an issue still, I'll say "please don't come to the party." Because "Jenny Says Vaccines are bad" is no fucking excuse. Mama nico says "too damn bad, science wins"

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