Apr. 26th, 2014

"We are here to do business above all else. Customers trump bathroom breaks, food, water, friends, sickness, and holidays. Unless we are dead or impossibly far away, we will do everything in our power to take care of them."

From a chainmaille group I'm on. This was part of their litany of "rules" that seem hellbound arbitrary and strict. Is there any reason you'd want to treat yourself worse than any evil boss? Lard knows, my customers rock but there's LIMITS people.

Of course she charges like 300 bucks for a steel chain that should take a couple hours and 15 bucks materials and I sell for 80. 300? PLEASE BITCH. There's under pricing, then there's putting your prices so high you're offensive. Chanel you are not.

Its a good way to burn out though, so kudos on them. There's some hellbound american tendency I find, to find a near KLingon like sense of honor at working yourself to death at your own millstone.

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