Apr. 25th, 2014

amazed at how big S is, from his spindly newborn self. Almost a year old. I adore him like nothing else. He's fun. He's tiring, but he's wonderful.

9m checkup today and he's mr milestones and mr 80th percentile for head size, height and weight. He's not actually a porker, he IS long and ok he's got delightfully chub legs but he's not michelin man..

Got some extra meds for my allergies. Whee.

Went to the rom, didn't stay long due to abundance of hyperactive teens flooding the place.

Home. R hasn't paid the fucking visa bill since feb. And he gets squirrely when I mention getting my bench and torch. Too bad, has to be done.

In fall will try to pick up some PT work/seasonal.

We're not financially hurting, its just a tight month and at least we're not paying daycare cost or tuition anymore.

I just wish if something was bugging him we could talk rather than him being all weird about stuff.

Though without a bench and torch I have no idea what the point of that college program was for.....

Anyway. Doc's office gave me epic SHIT for not renewing my card. Been busy. I said I'd do it and they were "TODAAAAY". yeah right fuck you. They have an office with a step that's a bitch to navigate and for some fucking stupid reason they put a chair right behind one of the fucking doors. I wrestle the stroller in and smacked the door against the chair. By the time I left I didn't fucking care if it bothered them. Move the fucking chair. Make the office accessible. Jeesusfuckingchrist on a fucking pogo stick. Accessibility in this city is a fucking joke some days.

The doc's ok but I might look for a downtown located doc. I'm tired of shitty receptionists. only one's any good there and she wasn't on today.
i will, not even lying here, stab my husb in the eye if he doesn't fucking STOP with the second guessing of me.

I said I was going to renew my health card and looked over the "proof of me" stuff they ask and think yeah, think I got it.

Him "are you sure"
Me "yes. I went by their flyer they sent."
Him "I mean are you sure? Really?"

YES. would you like to check my fucking homework daddy?

He does this. I do something or plan something and he goes and questions/second guesses me every fucking time. Its driving me fucking mental. I'm a fucking adult, and I think if its not enough for the card renewal I'll fucking deal with it. Jeezus fucking fucking christ on a fucking pogo stick.

"The sky is blue."

"well its more of a cerulean."

Pick pick pick pick. fuck off.

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