Apr. 18th, 2014

Passed, graduated, done.

I was never the "best" goldsmith in the bunch, but not the worst, either. :D Some people had some freakish talent, and I'm slightly peeved that as much as my prof raved over my chainmaking, it wasn't showcased at all so ok whatevs.

And vaguely intimidated by some of the work on show but they did only 3 pieces the whole term and had professors handholding them at every step. Lets see how they roll in the real world where you can't work on just one item for months on end.

So anyway done. Name listed under graduate. I did it. I feel good.

not shocked at who didn't graduate, one girl who registers for her full courseload then drops half of them within the first week and doesn't even know if she'll be a jeweller, and who did: Doofus next to me? I have no idea how he pulled that off. How he'll function outside school is a mystery to me, because he spent maybe 20 min at his bench at a go, then an hour break.

The one prof who snapped at me for coming within 10 feet of her ever, didn't even look in my direction, neither did my gemsetting instructor, which is telling. My main prof? she was wonderful and gracious and I really respect her. Pavel the old polish guy who threatened to fail me was even civil. He said "all is ok, talked to S the nice prof". I stood my fucking ground and won.

I finished this despite huge odds of not finishing. And I'm fucking proud of it. My skills will only get better ( you don't expect me to be perfect after 16 weeks right?)

It took ten years to get this good at chain. I'm going to keep going, because i honestly love what I do.

Took S to the aquarium today where he finally clued in there's THINGS in those tanks. He glommed onto a plush octo and it wasn't expensive so hey, he got it.

And went out for a fantastic dinner with R after the show.


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