Apr. 5th, 2014

I swear the next person who tells me "THEY say you're not supposeda do That!" with a baby is getting my boot shoved down their throat, out their ass, and shoved down again.

Seriously. Its as bad as the pregnancy don'ts. Don't feed them this, that everything. Bland food. No new food, this food that food. Strict regimens. We've already fed the kid peanut butter, banana, strawberry, egg yolk and white. Oddly, new research is indicating there's little reason to withhold peanuts unless there's family history of allergy, and that delaying it seems to be related with an UPTICK in allergies to nuts. ( A study of infants/kids in Israel where they get early exposure vs kids in britain, and there was a fairly large difference.)

don't use teething gel. Don't use frozen things. Don't go out with a baby when he's young. Don't let him touch anything that isn't sanitized. Good grief how did the human race survive so far?

I give him cold metal spoons to chew, and cold yogurt, but OH! yogurt and fruitmush are bad because baby will get a sweet tooth...Seriously doc? this kid will HOOVER down all that is offered. Meatmush, fruitmush, cereal. I just lie, nod, smile. Whatthefuckever.

And don't tell me "teething tablets". Stupid fucking crock of shit homeopathy bullshit.

Tylenol's not ok for his age either and I really don't feel like dosing him with that unless he's really ill.

I can see issues where people were trying to apply oragel by squeezing it onto the gums, but we used a tiny smear on our finger, not enough for him to swallow any of it. Fuck people use a fucking brain.

There's other reactions but they're also warned for adults too. And if he had an issue we're about 3 min from Sick Kids.

My doc is one of the by the rules strict sorts on baby stuff ( doesn't have kids) but the doc I had with THREE kids was way more realistic. I think in time we'll wind up looking for a new doc closer to us, because as much as this guy's competent, he's not terribly...warm. He's awfully aloof and distant and it's not a good set up. I lie to him "no sir we're not feeding him all this stuff" no sir no sir yes sir.

R and I are fairly educated. We read, not just what backs up our belief, we go and look at facts, consider the data, and make a reasonable decision. The odds of a bad reaction to teething go000 was people using TOO Much, and baby choking on their own drool, ( because people are fundamentally stupid and need to be told not to use a hair dryer while showering), and tylenol wasn't going to have an effect for 20 min or more so shall I let him scream in agony?

Rant sideline: we have such a fucking puritanical approach to pain relief. Heaven forbid anyone get pain relief because we'll get addicted. I have to fight to get it for my periods, and people suggest stupid things for S. We apparently fetishize agony.

I'm using my oxycodone sparingly so I can get some rest and function. The endo surgery didn't really do much so she's going to suggest drugs that I don't want, with worse side effects because fuck no, you can't have a dose of oxy or percocet once a month. That's gonna be a fun conversation.

When did we become a nation of fretful nitwits? I found myself in a pharmacy at 11 at night with a howling child and he's NOT the howly sort and you want me to offer him a cold washcloth? fuck you.

the recommendation is that you don't use it, ( because people apparently squirt the goo directly in, I think) and to use it sparingly if you do. Lo.

Tiny dab. Swipe on sore gums. Instant non howly. Its not banned for use here, the warnings are still less stern, so the FDA can suck it. Put better dosing info on the pack.

( teething and endo. why the fuck do we not have better ways of dealing with this shit)


I think its criminal to sell homeopathic teething goo. So as long as that's on the shelves, I'll buy the real stuff because if they approve "natural" for use, then I don't trust their intelligence on much else.

"babies survived without oragel just fine". yeah. by screaming for hours and not eating. Sounds lovely. Sounds so good for their little mental health. Sounds wonderful in an apartment. Right. Fuck you sideways.

If the canadian health agency decides to pull it ( I doubt they will, the warnings are years old), I'll just hoard some.

Why can't people just use their brains?

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