Mar. 2nd, 2014


8 weeks left of the term, SO much work. Just gonna slog on.( April 16th)6 weeks? not enough no matter how you slice it.

Stuff to etch and R has made ZERO move to get the images together so I'll have to clobber it together myself because that's how we roll.

Portfolio pieces to finish in the next 4 weeks. This week got most of my supplies in to GET things completed so it's onward.

All the anodized stuff is almost ready for that, and its a huge batch of dcon production done. ( after dcon may invest in anodizer myself)

Stressed with aging grandma and the possibility of a short notice flight to calgary and I just hope things go 8 more weeks. Probably, but it weighs on my mind. Do I take S with me? probably.

Then there's the reality of we HAVE to move to a 2br within the next year. Seriously. And that stupid behemoth ikea expedit. I might BEG my mom to come out when we do a move.

And then wanting to take S to europe to meet family. This is important to me as they hosted me while I straightened out my brain post miscarriage 3, but I want him to remember the trip too so probably when he's closer to 2-3 we'll do that trip. Travel will be a bit more expensive with three fares not 2 but at least hotel and food stay relatively the same. Maybe fall, or spring. We'll see.

Will take the boy to the pool here in a couple weeks, since he had SUCH a grand time splashing in the tub,we'll see how it goes.

So gooddamnnnnnfuckingsick of winter. Oh my god itnever ends.

S is eating like a horse, cereal and mushyfood and rusks and formula. We figured out the 4 am feedme's can be averted by cereal and formula before bed, and keeps that tum full.

Two new teeth creeping in.

Healing well from the surgery. SO very glad it's done. such a fucking relief to not have to worry about a pregnancy ever again.

Anyway. Shower. zonk. Classes start in the am, and I have a tiny supply run I might do on the way up to the college for some wire I forgot to order, and some tiny settings for stones. We'll see.

Novel: Starting as soon as the last of the anodizing pieces are done, 1000 words a night and finish them. It'll be a crush to get them done, but we'll do it because that's what I do.

I just look at the end: April, when I'm getting my fucking diploma and my boys are in the audience and I can go "I fucking toughed it out and did it."

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