Feb. 22nd, 2014

dead run dead run keep fucking running run run run...

This cold weather is now eating away at my soul.

Progress at the bench, ok, minor snafus and issues, but onward.

Boy is crawling and standing and trying to work out this walking, and teeth and food and things and brain dev a mile a minute. I read to him most days, mostly to a WTF mom look. Heh. Delighted to watch him start grasping all the world. I don't want to hide him away, I want to give him the means to go forth for all his life and do and see and be bold and know. I'm not a helicopter mama I'm a heres your passport, heres your life skills mama. I don't care if he goes to harvard. I care that he knows math and writing and how to take a bus and cook a meal and do his laundry and function as an adult, and follow his own path. ( Ok I'd be delighted if he took up my trade, but that's for him to decide.I just want him to have a good, happy, adventurous life. My job is making sure he gets set on that path.)

Surgery monday to ensure no more baby. As much as this one's the sort of kid that makes you go "yes HAVE MORE!" maybe if I were 10 yrs younger..but one's all we really wanted and it'd be stupid with the risks to my health knowing there'd be a return of the hyperemesis, and yanno, responsible is what we do here most of the time.

Production merch going ok. Portfolio pieces creeping along ok. Going in sat/sun to try to get some progress on things due after the break, and just trying to keep up with the flow as best as I can. So far, ok.

Getting over a cold and in the degunking phase. I will be fine for surgery, so its no worry.

And I guess I have to then deal with some post partum dental work. It never ends. But..again. Be the adult.

Last week was me sick, bug sick, R had to go to the ER and it was such a stupid fuckery of a day. All's well though.

Ok. Onwards.

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