Feb. 1st, 2014

A winner is YOU!

friend randomly dumps a 22 page script on me going "you can read this and give me feedback when Stirling is sleeping!"

Sure buddy. I'll get riiiight on it. With ALL my effort. BTW, my book? ever read it? Huh? no? funny.

And "you should use blue in your design because I don't like red."

I straight up asked friend if he'd read my book. No answer. Ok....

What did I get done: a slew of decluttering and working on design work that I want to get done for tues.

"You can read it when Stirling's asleep! its only 22 pages." Thanks for ASSUMING i have nothing else on my plate, with a full course load too, you nerp.

If I were not in school mode, I'd be marginally more forgiving but this was like a big ol obligation-turd landing on my plate. Because I need that.


Feb. 1st, 2014 11:38 pm
had a mini rant on twitter and friend was "why does it bother you? why are you in contact with these people"

It bugs because in the past I bought their work, street-teamed for their shows, reposted/reblogged their work online.

And when it came around to my work? radio silence.
Or "we wanted to farm it out to retarded people"
or "we don't read"
Or "we don't like your genre"

and then "hey we've decided to dabble in jewellery too!" and they start selling like fucking batshit because they're a NAME. And they then go off on social media how they work SOOOOOooO hard as artists.

Sure you do. You fucking kicked the teeth in of people along the way, be ever so proud of that.

I helped you, with perhaps an expectation as an adult of something in kind. Sure. I street teamed for you on my holiday trip to dcon whilst you screamed your fucking head off that we weren't working hard enough ten hours a day on our feet being yelled at for handing out flyers. And you could barely summon a thanks for that?

I sold your generic t shirts at MY booth so you could comply with con rules and you act like it was the biggest imposition of your life, barging into MY booth and being about the biggest flaming assbag going, with no consideration for MY inconvienience.

And you, miss dancer girl. You get by with cute and helpless and naive and people fall to your feet to make you happy.

And not one of you selfish fucking twats has any notion of paying back the favor. Don't even tell me its because you can't possibly do it for all, because YOU do it for some, and I thought maybe we had some kind of respect and honor among thieves but my bad.

So why does it bother me? because I feel used. And stupid.

And generosity is a fault of mine that I've never been able to beat out. But y'know, for some of them, they're going to meet exactly what they've deserved. I'm learning to be an asshole this year. What's in it for me, if I do something you ask for? Make it worth my while.

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