Jan. 31st, 2014

My program has gotten much more strict as of late, of turfing the goof-offs. One kid who somehow made it to third year by skin of his teeth and not much else, was kicked out for failing some key classes, and hardly showing for the rest.

In my studio, Goofus 1 dropped out, goofus 2 is there, he at least MYOB and works, Goofus 3 barely works and goofus 4 didn't make it thru some of her classes so she's not in my hair all the time.

G3 today decided that rapping along to his music, some noxious aggro rap bullshit, was the THING one must do in a studio. My iphone battery had croaked but I had my headphones in just to partly block him. It was amusing listening to goofus 2 and 3 as they worked out how to build the piece we're assigned, when they'd also skipped the lectures/demos. I was hoping they'd make a collossal error and No, I would not have said a word.

I'm not interested in bailing out people who can't be arsed to do the little that they need to do for themselves.

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