Jan. 29th, 2014

Oh man. BUSY.

Classes are insane. the workload is threatening to eat my head. I'm JUST staying on it, only just.

Did some more house unclutterfucking, and more stuff to do. this will be a 6month project.

Got Stirling swim top and pants for Vegas, yep. We're taking him to TAM. I don't really wanna be here by myself for 5 days. besides, baby's first birthday in vegas? sure. We will wear cake. my mom's talking meeting us there.

Got my tool cabinets. FINALLY. almost two weeks later than they said they'd deliver em.

Reading a conservative on a friends FB grump that "we're not ALL horrible womens rights interferers, aid to poor cutters". ORLY? then stop voting them in, stop identifying with the party that does this shit. I don't say "I'm a liberal but I hate welfare and gays, don't assume we're ALL libs". You are, in this case, the company you keep, Sir.

Getting design stuff done, so Shona can give me some tech feedback, and even getting writing done.

S had his 6m vaccination and did well. I'm not wild about the GP, he isn't terribly "social" in a sense of he seems terminally uncomfortable with people, and tends to be overly cautious and strictly BY THE BOOK OR ELSE> I dunno. We don't have concerns. S is hitting milestones pretty much on cue, and we're not being overly fussy over what he tastes because I want him to be curious about food. ( and the armrest of his high chair. SO TASTY.) We don't really have food allergies in our fam, we're not feeding him diet coke in a sippy, and we're doing fine.

Should we be more picky as parents? I don't think so. He's got his routines, his thing ( fuzzy superhero blanket is Magic!) but I just don't feel like being helicoptery. If an issue arises, we'll deal with it, but so far, we're kinda sailing the seas of easy happy kid.

We also live about a 5 minute sprint to Sick Kids so, seriously, we're FINE.
peeve du jour.

I do jewelery. everyone else seems to take it up after me. ( not that no one else should, EVER but it feels a bit disingenous when they all start selling hand over fist and use their connections of rock star kissy uppy to generate sales.)

I write books. So of COURSE everyone else does. And again. They circle jerk the promo but I'm out of the loop.

I do cast jewelery and get told they want to farm work out to the mentally handicapped. ( ok they said retarded, but I digress, there's not much lower than someone telling you to your face, sweet as can be, that no offense, but retarded people can do my job?)

I do a book and in my presence "I just don't LIKE THAT GENRE."

Le sigh.

Shall I take up painting and singing since y'all make it seem like idiots can do that I guess. I guess it was ever too much to expect a bit of love in return for what I gave others, more fool i.

So when you ask to join a FB group Im in about horror fiction, no, I don't think I'll be the one to click the button. Sorry. I'm done feeling like a stomped chump.

I didn't expect much to be honest but I'm a little hurt, to be honest, how quick people are to lavish accolades to the popular kids and I get kicked to the corner when they don't need me.

And yeah, fuck you "retarded" person. You are awful. We are not "friends." I'd strand you in a fucking dark alley, you horrible twit.

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