Jan. 22nd, 2014

I have been consulted for surgery for a tubal, to occur in april or may. A wait! le Horroreurs! But it's once classes are done for me so I'm quite ok with that.

The clinic staff I spoke to seemed perhaps a bit reticient on the idea, or I guess its a case that simply BORES them. ho hum. Whatever. They will do it. She seemed to emphasize it has a 2% failure rate. Lady...them's pretty good odds.

Anyway. They talked briefly of hormonal medical treatments for the endo and after doing some quick googling of what that might be? Um. NO. "Hot flashes early menopause loss of bone density loss of libido cancer some monsterism weight gain and growing an extra eye."

No, really, the "treatments" are worse than the modest pain management I need one or two days a month. But we all know how doctors feel about pain meds. "NEVER." I swear they think we'll all turn into vicodin swigging slatterns. Ah well. Every doc has their pet-painkiller they like to prescribe. If one says this...the other will give something totally different. If you say 1 dose of X worked, they prescribe 4 doses of Y instead.

Got a micro sized pin vise from Lee Valley. Dunno why people rave batshit about the place, as a jewelery supply place it's fairly meh.

Ate too much chocolate today. crawled home after errands and lunch and made with a nap since allergies are killing me lately. That and it's -23 and HOLY MOTHERFUCKING BITCHPANTS ITS COLD.

off to pick up le bug thing shortly.

Tired of Vancouverites crowing that It's JUST THE BEST PLACE ON EAAARTH! to justify the high cost of housing. Its a nice city. Its not the goddamn fucking end all be all and when you accept paying that kind of money telling yourself that premium is worth it....and then they proceed in many cases to slag the shit out of Toronto and Asians in particular. We have high real estate costs but they're still skirting the edge of not too stupid yet.

But then go to Halifax. You can get a cheap house. But it might not be connected to water, sewage, power ( Iam not kidding) and well, halifax.

But then I was a shitty vancouver-fit and I freely admit I fucking hate yoga with the passion of a thousand burning suns, I loathe lululemon. I hated the whole woo/positivity! hippy vibe. I don't hike. I don't do grouse grind. I really only drank coffee and wanted stuff to fucking happen.

There's a thing we call "the vancouver flake." our westcoast brethren have this tendency to bail on plans with a predictable quality, for either better plans or some fit of wheatgrass fuelled ennui, and here? you MAKE plans and people show up. We've had westcoast visitors who do varying degrees of the flake, from promising to call and then leaving you hanging for days, to simply bailing, to "whatever we'll play it by ear". That is not done here.

And they laugh on a recent calgary visit when i had a SCHEDULE. But we had so many people to see/visit that drifting where the tides take us wasn't a working scenario.

I guess it works for people but it was always crazymaking to me. I now admit after some time away and detoxification, I was never a vancouver girl. Y'all can have it. Gimme the manic pace of Shanghai, the old world but still going places because we do that, of Amsterdam. The we're laid back but not TOOO much, of Tel Aviv. Vancouver..you're just a bit on the dozy side for me. Its ok. It works well for you but it left me in a state of frustration. I want london. I want people with some GO. Vancouver hits the snooze button and sips tea and goes to Yoga and will call you later if its chakras are aligned right.

I just don't try to go into union station at rush hour. That's just goddamn stupid and anyone who does it expecting it to be genteel and calm is dreaming, its a cross between amazing race, survivor, transit and thunderdome. It is not for the faint of heart.

Ok, off to get the small cute one.

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