Jan. 15th, 2014

Meh day at the studio. Ashley keeps coming over, inspecting my work and declaring all the "flaws" she sees even when the piece isn't finished yet. Like she's some kind of authority. Seriously? REALLY? you have been out of the studio for almost a year (illness,ok) but you also repeated first year, and you're telling ME how to do my work? Fuck off chickie.

working on a flush set gem, and messed up the hole that the gem pops into. I have one that's ok, so I'll use that instead, but grrr. And the working on a different setting that I was trying to file clean and flat and planed off a side too much but it had this MASSSSIVE gouge that I didn't realize was so deep when I went to sand it down. I'll look at it tomorrow, I have some time on my hands to fix the issue. Its not due for another three weeks at least.

profs recommended this one supplier but I'd heard tales how hard it was to open an account. They want a w-9 form i'm not american so why? they claim 'patriot act" and I can't fucking fathom why, since no other supplier that's US based asks for that. So no, I won't be opening an account. easy? My arse.

Think I'll stick to RL for steel rings since my friend...I dunno. I ordered what I thought was a much larger order but truthfully their rings are a bit over priced now. I hit their sale on the stuff but still...meh. And they constantly forget bits of my order. I love em, they're good for a few items but she's so scatterheaded.

still doing the massive unfucking of the house. sorted/tidied my heap of clothes. we have one puny dresser and we each get two drawers, me,kid and R. r has the closet. S's linens and other stuff are in bins under his crib. Mine? kind of heaped alongside the bed.

Progress though. exhausting. But it needs doing. We have so much going on, we need to be running far better than we are.

ok. sleep calls. Wednesday:wax model making, and working on this infernal box clasp model. I think I'll be on on the weekend to work on it. Ah well.
ok. so apparently le patriot act means they want to track people buying gems and metals because "freedom!" ok, portable currency blah blah NO. won't be filling that out. I can get what I need without the fucking scrutiny, elsewhere. fuck that fish.

Stupid fucking paranoia fucking arsehole bullshit. Moments like this I briefly side with the "too much regulation" shit. Go focus on your chemical spills and crooked insurance cos and cheap ass wage slave jobs and quit being so fucking tightarse about OMG brown skinned moooslims! terrors! give me a fucking break.

US priority? fucked ass backwards.

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