Jan. 13th, 2014

So much to do and while today started off good, it went downhill on the "things done" trip. Got stuff mailed. went to leather fetish shop at 10 am! for a basic leather cuff to make into something awesome, and the staff seemed to be waiting for me to go "OMG!". Please. I've seen harnesses and toys and floggers and all manner of restriction toys. not all that shocking. ( I am not inclined to the leathery harnessy thing myself. pretty but so not where my brain goes.)

The lecture/demo today just dragged on and on and on and any hope of meaningful progress? kerpoof. I need to get some serious work time in this week or the shit...the fan..you know.

came home, did grocery trip with bug, got a bunch of mushyfoods for him and he's taken a liking to this new adventure "food!"

Did the dishes, worked on unfucking the work supply shelf. Still looking for that coin purse I know where it ISN"T, just gotta find where it IS.

barked at a kid for leaving his bag, coat and stuff ON my benchtop. Again. I don't get where they think this is OK. I said "GET a locker." I might get a reputation as a bitch queen but really, what workplace allows you to do that? None. Don't do it here. Otherwise we play a game of "what locker did I stuff your shit in?"

Bug is nearly crawling. Oh heavens help us.

Today we got a card from Cat's dad, about her passing.

I can't even fathom the grief he's feeling. Looking at Stirling, if anything happened to him ( and I knock wood here), I'd be devastated beyond reason.

Being an adult sucks sometimes.

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