Jan. 12th, 2014

Some days I just look at this kid and LAUGH.

That it's still unreal somedays that he's here, and he is a lot of fun. Exhausting, frustrating, stressful and sometimes worrying but fun. We're enjoying his childhood.

Someone in my class with a 3yr old thouught it odd that I was ready by 4pm to get home and hang with him but as much as I enjoy my work at the bench, I like spending time with the wee guy.

I won't get all dramatic but I find I don't have time for depression any more. That I need to be the adult and be confident and get things done if not for my sake, for him too. He inspires me. I am less inclined to worry about stuff, the small stuff. 90% of it gets filed under "fuck these six fish", ala, I just can't be arsed to worry about the small stuff.

He motivates me to keep organized, to keep moving. to keep getting stuff done.

Bug, I'm so happy you're here.

But if you ever think there's ever another kid? NO FUCKING WAY. Nuh-uh. Nope.
The house unclutterfucking continues. All my jewelery books and mags are in one place. All the papers we need to sort and file are in a box. I hauled away 10 lbs of paper that we didn't need, off to the recycling chute. Sorted baby clothes. Did laundry and put it away. Washed the dishes. Bought a huge tool cabinet that all my bench tools and supplies will live in, and that shelf currently will go to the bedroom for clothing since it's one dresser and three of us.

sorted the front hall shelf a bit. S's daycare bag is packed. Just gotta pack my stuff for tomorrow, and breakfast is on the counter ( a pot of oatmeal i can nuke).

trying to get the house up to a standard that it won't require epic cleaning, only spot cleaning. Putting things away where we use them most ( hall shelf is all the cleaning stuff, towels for the bathroom and kitchen, dog stuff, laundry stuff, garbage bags, tho once the small one's walking THAT set up changes).

Trying to be more organized, so that we're not floundering in this small space. Laundry in the hamper. Dishes in the sink. If I don't have to spend ten min a day rounding all that up before I even DO any cleaning, all the better.

These were habits I got into while in Haarlem, in the old house because I didn't want to leave any trace of a mess. I do this on holiday, keep the hotel room tidy. And then at home? I don't and I'm tired of the clutter I really am. SO. Onwards.

Mornings roll easier when everything's fairly organized the night before, too. Not a novel concept but now juggling small boy with all of it, it's really critical that we stay organized.

Anyway. Off to bed. Didn't get the design work done, but got a shitload of other things done.

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