Jan. 1st, 2014

got my desk area, some of the kitchen and the space above the microwave de-cluttered. I'm running low on patience for the "junk" rolling around in here and as much as I should be more diligent, R is just as bad. Stuff just doesn't get put away in about 75% of the cases. We do ok with the hall shelf where its daily supplies ( towels, dog bags, paper towels, cleaning stuff) but I found myself getting frustrated with the volume of paper mail that drifts through here and the clutter. We need to do better.

One think I HAVE to do this year is offload craft supplies I don't intend on using and haven't used in yrs. Sewing machine, dremel, bins of fabric, corsetry material, ( might get a custom corset made with some of it), soap making, etc. Just OUT. Go. find new homes. I haven't sewn in five years. I don't see a time where I'll do so any time soon, in the next ten either.

We need to move in the next year, and I shudder at moving that massive bookcase. Not that we have a lot of books, we kind of don't, but its a huge 5x5 expedit.

I'll hire someone to watch Stirling the day we do the actual move, I think. ANyway.

Got a B- in that ind. skills class and I was sure I was going to get worse, but I suppose everyone else did that much worse than me?

This week: find a repair project, start tidying the bookshelves, clean up paperwork and spring break: haul the stuff I want to offload, out of storage. Time to simplify things. ( I don't really buy books anymore and we need to get rid of a LOT of stuff once again.)

Arggh. Trying to keep things in good repair too but so much stuff is basically built to break.

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