Got my hair chopped today. We went a bit extra short, its almost a pixie cut, but then this mop grows SO fast, its fine. Gives it room to grow.

went for lunch with R and ordered what looked like a bowl of healthy rice, chicken, edemame, and it turned out to be gummy brown rice full of husks, and very little chicken or veggies. Fuck you hippyfood! I had maybe three bites, it was UNPLEASANT to the point I might write them, because seriously, 7 bucks for what was 95% inedible brown rice? are ye fuckin with me?

OH! and had word with our MP who introduced a tuition rebate, but not for everyone. I called foul on that, I pay, AGAIN, more than fellow classmates why? I get why we pay more tax, I do, but tuition? Scuze? So hopefully they change something. 800/yr isn't insignificant given the materials costs of my course.

So. Today's song? ( i grabbed like 5 yesterday so I'll dole them out over the next few days):
Cesium 137: embers..starts out quite stomperiffic, ( love it) and then into some pretty melodic lyrics/arrangement. It works, its weird. It reminds me of my main character, its cool. ( some music just speaks to different characters, I could create specific playlists for each.)

Book: editing, and cursing the curse of the typo of the slipped finger or the "didn't backspace enough or the "i've been staring at it so long I don't SEE what everyone sees." I'm sure the person who has tasked herself with finding these is owed big time. Yargh. And googledocs keeps crashing so I can't do much with that version. Hrm...There's still one scene I want to change/remove, maybe 2, and one new one to plonk in. I know at some point the edits stop, and its getting closer. if it takes longer, so be it.

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