First day of term 2. I'm being uber organized, and nothing should sneak up deadline wise. Its a busy term for goldsmithing. Some surprising faces in the class, people who didn't submit the last two major projects in anything near completion, and one girl who apparently used a portfolio of photos of her cat, to be accepted to the third yr program. Alrighty then.

Went downtown to get drill bits as all mine went walkabouts, and some 22g sheet metal in copper and brass. Most of that's bound for dcon merch, you lucky freaks.

History of jewelery class looks like a low key thing, shouldn't be too stressful. He also teaches casting.

I spent most of my between class break waiting in line at the registrars to be told that only ONE person is data entering course exemptions but that mine should go through. Without that and the idiotic filler courses, and not doing the 3 yr program's stuff, ( they get "color theory" which I learned way back in ye old high school), and design course, my courseload looks somewhat manageable.

Got new MAC face powder and on a whim, a new eyeshadow. ( well one I had way back when and a makeup artist at my wedding ruined the pressed pot of shadow by breaking it all up, and so I had to eventually throw it out. Its a gorgeous pinky-purply silvery fishyscale shade. Who shatters up a pressed eyeshadow, honestly?

Dinner with R, and my nano ipod is on the way to be returned as a NEW nano thanks to the recall, and that can be used at the studio so I can work.

Song for today: Girls Under Glass: minddiver. (I find the band's name rather awesome.)Another book that really fits the marathon editing sessions. I can see where my somewhat empathic vamp would like this one.

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