Most of these can be sample listened to in Itunes or on youtube. Go support artists if you find stuff you like. and please feel free to suggest stuff. I'm not much for mainstream pop/rap/country tho. My tastes def, run to steampunk/EMB/industrial/goth/futurepop.

1 Code 64: Sea of Stars
2.Cut.Rate.Box: Misery
3.De/Vision: Dress Me When I Bleed
4.Apoptygma Berserk: Paranoia
5.Rotersand: Merging Oceans
6:Cesium 137: Embers
7:Sero.Overdose: Your Road.

Here's the next round, from Jan 8th to jan 14th ( band first, title second.)
1. Cultur Kulture: Wonder
2. Girls Under Glass: Minddiver ( can I mention how awesome the band's name is? yeah.)
3. South: Ego Likeness.
4.Light of Ages: Soil & Eclipse
5.Wynardtage: The Grey Line. ( a one off collab with a singer, and the band is apparently no more. a shame.)
6.Conetik: Dive with Me
7: The Echoing Green: Suffer.

AND now the musics from jan 15-jan 21
1. Birthday Massacre: To Die For
2. Seabound: Poisonous Friend
3.Apoptygma Berzerk : Non Stop Violence
4. Cesium 137: Keep Me
5: VNV Nation : Beloved
6: Ultraviolet: A Sea Of Purity
7: Poesie Noire: We'll Die Dancing

AND now week 4:
1.Droom: While We Can (**)
2 Virtual Descent: I Vivisect
3 Null Device : Triangular
4 Necessary Response: Forever
5 Mesh: Only Better
6 Echoing Green: Sanctuary
7 Underwater Pilots: Loud and Clear

**not downloadable by "legit" means, and I'm trying to contact anyone from the band to drop some dollars their way for the music because stealing's wrong.
Only stayed for a metalfinishing lecture, much to the prof's owliness but I was already getting the "imminent sinus migraine" blue flash in the corner of my eye.

Came home and slept 6 hours.



6 pages and one short scenelet and wrap up. RUn through for continuity. run through for typos. Baddabing done.

Title: Shattering the Grey.

( and I'll explain it in the am. brain fried.

Tuesday's song: South, Ego likeness. Love these two, and their music and I sometimes forget to mow into all they have created.
First day of term 2. I'm being uber organized, and nothing should sneak up deadline wise. Its a busy term for goldsmithing. Some surprising faces in the class, people who didn't submit the last two major projects in anything near completion, and one girl who apparently used a portfolio of photos of her cat, to be accepted to the third yr program. Alrighty then.

Went downtown to get drill bits as all mine went walkabouts, and some 22g sheet metal in copper and brass. Most of that's bound for dcon merch, you lucky freaks.

History of jewelery class looks like a low key thing, shouldn't be too stressful. He also teaches casting.

I spent most of my between class break waiting in line at the registrars to be told that only ONE person is data entering course exemptions but that mine should go through. Without that and the idiotic filler courses, and not doing the 3 yr program's stuff, ( they get "color theory" which I learned way back in ye old high school), and design course, my courseload looks somewhat manageable.

Got new MAC face powder and on a whim, a new eyeshadow. ( well one I had way back when and a makeup artist at my wedding ruined the pressed pot of shadow by breaking it all up, and so I had to eventually throw it out. Its a gorgeous pinky-purply silvery fishyscale shade. Who shatters up a pressed eyeshadow, honestly?

Dinner with R, and my nano ipod is on the way to be returned as a NEW nano thanks to the recall, and that can be used at the studio so I can work.

Song for today: Girls Under Glass: minddiver. (I find the band's name rather awesome.)Another book that really fits the marathon editing sessions. I can see where my somewhat empathic vamp would like this one.
Got my hair chopped today. We went a bit extra short, its almost a pixie cut, but then this mop grows SO fast, its fine. Gives it room to grow.

went for lunch with R and ordered what looked like a bowl of healthy rice, chicken, edemame, and it turned out to be gummy brown rice full of husks, and very little chicken or veggies. Fuck you hippyfood! I had maybe three bites, it was UNPLEASANT to the point I might write them, because seriously, 7 bucks for what was 95% inedible brown rice? are ye fuckin with me?

OH! and had word with our MP who introduced a tuition rebate, but not for everyone. I called foul on that, I pay, AGAIN, more than fellow classmates why? I get why we pay more tax, I do, but tuition? Scuze? So hopefully they change something. 800/yr isn't insignificant given the materials costs of my course.

So. Today's song? ( i grabbed like 5 yesterday so I'll dole them out over the next few days):
Cesium 137: embers..starts out quite stomperiffic, ( love it) and then into some pretty melodic lyrics/arrangement. It works, its weird. It reminds me of my main character, its cool. ( some music just speaks to different characters, I could create specific playlists for each.)

Book: editing, and cursing the curse of the typo of the slipped finger or the "didn't backspace enough or the "i've been staring at it so long I don't SEE what everyone sees." I'm sure the person who has tasked herself with finding these is owed big time. Yargh. And googledocs keeps crashing so I can't do much with that version. Hrm...There's still one scene I want to change/remove, maybe 2, and one new one to plonk in. I know at some point the edits stop, and its getting closer. if it takes longer, so be it.
Today I meet with a new dentist's practice. They offer more services and are better located than my current one. (who were also good, but...yeah, I had a massive full on panic attack at the office when the clumsy hygienist started mashing xrayfilm in my mouth and barking at me to bite, and not listening to me, because I could NOT. It was like biting a mouthful of razors, because the film things are usually way too big and it takes someone with skill to get it right, she just mashed them in.)

This place offers dental surgery and deep sedation, which is ok with me. I'd book those appts to coincide with R getting off work to escort me home. Its only a block away.

Did massive work to the book yesterday, and closing in on the finish. changed some plot stuff, to add one more little dagger to the character's heart, in the middle of a crisis, and change how that all falls out.

So yeah, pretty durned happy with how it's really starting to roll.

I have a backlog of new songs, and each week I'll make a master post with links if anyone's interested ( does anyone even READ lj anymore or am I hollering into the void?)

Today, the brainworm is Apoptygma Berzerk "Paranoia" which is pretty good for the current part of the novel, to be honest. I use music while writing to pull myself into the book, and well, block the sound of dog and boy in the background. But writing sans music? nope.

Also soon to decide which POV the second book gets written in. I did this one in a slightly unusual first person present/past, and no one seems to have issue with it, I know so many writing books say "ooooh t'is verboten!" but it was always how the story naturally rolled and I went with it. Third just doesn't always mean best. ( its easy and useful, I give it that. i wrote the bulk of a sci fi book that went in third person. so its not like I cannot do it.)

Part of today might include mapping out book two a little more than the seat of my pants writing book one went with. And booking a hair cut. I'm bribing myself after each dental visit. :D
woke early with the old feeling of "smashed in face with a brick" thank you sinuses. Its so bad today my TEETHS hurt. Ugh. self medicating with a venti dark roast. Moderately helpful and doesn't leave a chemically fogbrain like decongestant meds do.

Working on the book. Saggy plot middle thing. AGAIN. But its fixable.

Today's song: Cut.Rate.Box: Misery. how fitting for today. One I recall from my goth club days. ( I miss going out but I just can't be arsed to, either. I'm lazygoth now. Did find my black nail polish....)

Dog is limping around the house, having done herself an injury racing around last night. Poor limpy hound.

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