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Gad the whining in this chainmailler's FB group....

The newbies whine and whine. Rings are too expensive. Too hard to cut. Steel's too hard to use. Steel's too heavy for jewelery. Silver's too expensive. Silver's easy to dent. Gold's too expensive. Copper tarnishes. Burrs. Colors wear away.

They seem to prefer aluminum by and large which in 20g size is JUNK. then they whine they don't sell. They whine about everything. MY GOD ITS FULL OF WHINING.

And more people slagging self pub as "I just won't ever read it. Snoot snoot." Because its ok to be an indie musician, an indie artist, and indie craftsperson but WOE upon you wordsmith! you MUST be vetted and edited and validated or you're not "legit".

I present to you the big publisher houses: 50 shades of grey. Twilight. The autobiography of Snookie from Jersey Shore. Sure.

I went to see Daniel Lanois speak on sunday and it was amazing. He delights in new things, new experiences, new ways of doing things. A sense of adventure. He spoke of how fond he was of the people who he works with and the idea that creativity and things are a two way street, and you should surround yourself with people who want your success as much as their own.

And that's what I've been trying to do. I am not "helping" people who have burned me, you got your chance and that's all you get.

Ok. Time to feed small thing. We went to the pool today and swam the ya-yas out. Novella 2 is in the edit spin cycle now.

So much to do before dcon. But we're doing ok.
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