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Tonight I posted the 12 feet of chain I made to a fb chainmail group.

An hour or so later, one of the members says "how much do you charge for 18 inches of it" and i replied thinking she was asking out of "what does your work go for comparison" and she replies "SOLD".

Now wait a second, sold? did I say it was up for sale? You ask "May I purchase a length?"

So I said um, this is spoken for, and I can make more.

"Ok, and make it perfect! I'll be checking!"

With rings that small, there's bound to be some imperfect closures and I suspected that she doesn't know this and I'm starting to get annoyed.

I reply "i've been doing this for 8 years. I'm not a newbie. No sale."

Half an hour later "i'm sorry I was an asshole, I was just teasing."

No, you're just sorry that you didn't get what you wanted. She wanted it because she doesn't work that tiny and she wanted to "feel" what it was like. So...get some smaller pliers toots. Start working.

She brags constantly how awesomely awesome superduper she is in all things customer service and chainmail and uh, she came off like a complete donkey turd.

Best sale I ever turned down. She found someone else. I don't need that shit.

But WTF, man. I wouldn't go to my good friend and say "gimme. how much? and make sure it's perfect" because that's just rude.
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