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Lovely day out for a 6 mile walk with the Boy and husb. We hit the chinese bakeries and markets for produce, then down to queen where I bought swanky leather flats for summer, and some shorts and a skirt.

And I realize I've got a bit big. All this FOOD. a year without food left me kind of...yeah well probably gotta drop 20. Not quite pre preg weight but I know I gotta do this. The three rounds of prednisone, surgery and pnuemonia and asthma attack in three months did no favors.

So ok.

And while I was out walking Sera this grade A fucking Douchenugget is riding his bike on the sidewalk. Its a crowded walk and he's barging through. "get off the fucking sidewalk, asshole" I said. He replies in a whiny "mew mew mew" mocking sound. "Jackass." I said. "Lose some weight" says he.

Of course. The go to insults when a woman asserts that you're a jerk: we're fat, sluts, bitches and whores. I know your kind, you sorry little pinheaded fuckwit. You don't scare me. You annoy me with your pissy little attitude that the universe revolves around your special self. You rode your bike through a narrow stretch of sidewalk crowded with people. You had no legal right to be on the fucking sidewalk and I wish it were legal to kick your wheels out from under you.

You just ride that little snotty attitude, sir. I fervently hope you hit the biggest pothole, and get doored so fucking hard you wake up and have to re learn your name. Because you're an asshole. You're an entitled little asshole and this last week has been full up on that shit.

And then I have a little less respect for cyclists. The women abide by laws, the guys just don't give a fuck.

At least he's not in a car, he'd be an asshole no matter how he was transporting himself and I suspect he'd be the dude on his phone that plows through yellow lights and plays chicken with pedestrians. At least on a bike he's unlikely to kill anyone. ( it has happened tho).

(Its not like he was in Tour-de-France shape himself so, uh dude, you wanna talk body size? Bring it on.)

Between the shootings, teh whining MRA rights dudes in the hood always with their posters and the pickup artists that haunt eaton center, I'm so over petulant entitled doodbro. Upside the PUA's leave me the fuck alone with the stroller. And a perfected death glare. Seriously. Fuck not with the Mama in Boots.
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