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Took the monster to the aquarium. On a holiday monday. A vaguely stupid idea but we had fun.

And realizing lately how little I ever have in common with my west coast friends. I don't think it's me or them to blame, entirely. Its us. I was never a hippie earth girl shambala rave burning man kombucha and yoga person.

And they think Toronto is the shittiest city and every one in it sucks and is mean. "except you, nico". So I'm kinda watching these relationships drift away and I'm ok with that really.

One snotted "I liked halifax when I visited." ah. See. You visited. In summer. in tourist season. Try moving there and being a CFA, try the brutal battleaxe winter that makes the polar vortex a walk in the park.

But hey, what would we know. None of you visited US, but I made the effort to go back. It's always me trying to maintain friendships that don't seem to reciprocate.

( and I'm vaguely fracked off that people beg for the novel and then never bother to do even a one line review. It makes me feel...disrespected.)

Meh. What do you do with all this friendship dead-weight?
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