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We've finally escaped the brutal winter only to jump right into muggy heat. Like, spring was all of one week here. Gag. AC please?

Finished huge batch of necklaces and now that con production is rather under control, writing again. Saw my Amazon pages and the nice little reviews ( AWWW) and the people posting on my FB that they can't wait for the next ones, and I'm feeling quite good about that.

Send copies to 1: the person who saw the honest to gods earliest first ever appearance of Sascha ( same name) and I hope she likes what he evolved into. And to a friend who is/was in the kink scene to some degree so I do hope she likes them too.

We took S to the comic arts festival and it was insanely crowded. Which is good. I joked I should have written a graphic novel perhaps. They got better attendance than the word on the street which is mostly occupied by religious groups, libertarians and vanity press, and they cleverly stuff the actual writers off behind the food trucks. We talked about a booth again this year but at this point I honestly don't care if R submitted the app or not I'm tired of fucking asking.

He's been getting home later( by about 30-45 min) and it seriously fracks me off. I'm exhausted by 6 and when we're hanging, waiting, an hour's a long time. I don't GET downtime with the kid, I mean I'm always here, and I get a nap maybe but I never seem to get an afternoon off for myself and he got the entirety of HotDocs and ok, sure we had to scramble during school but even then....I dunno. I guess I need to ask for that time.

My aunt was in town and OH FUCK ME. She's just....I swear...I don't know... stupid? She doesn't like cabs, they're expensive. She didn't like the airport shuttle: driver was not helpful ( she's kind of meek and people misunderstand her), and she doesn't like subways or transit. She cannot seem to function without a car. Then she shows up at lunch the other day wearing FOUR lightweight jackets, and a ballcap and scarf and glasses. It was just the fucking wierdest. It wasn't cold out either, and here's she's dressed like a fucking homeless person and at lunch NOTHING met to her liking and the clerk at the store said "no worries" and she was all a flutter over that. I mean, I kinda bitch sometimes but she was...I swear to god I don't even know, she used to be more mentally on the ball. She then tried to give S some potato and was "I don't know how to look after a baby!" lady, you raised two. Granted, neither of them are particularily brilliant, one's a hippy stoner and the other's a douchebag stoner.

Of course her husband, my uncle, is this nutty Type A guy and I can see where a lifetime with him would break anyone. They're both crazy. Small doses with them. She showed up at the birthday with gifts even though I really insisted on none, and uh, a sample tube of bath wash, knitted fuzzy slippers and a promo free tote from some random place? It was just plain bizarre.

Then she asked about buying my sterling and garnet bracelet. I priced it at 250. I know she won't buy it because of reasons and so I didn't even respond. She can well afford it(much like affording a cab in the city if she wanted) but I suppose Hans would flip a fucking table if she did spend money.

Not that he's better. During the calgary floods my mom asked him if they were ok, because Mom and brent have pump equipment Hans could use. Hans was "nah we're ok" even though I know and we all know he's in the fucking floodplain and mom was "ok, and half way home, when hans called her and changed his mind so mom had to backtrack 4 hours to get the stuff to them. Yeah she was PISSED. If he had accepted when she offered it would have been an hour's drive.

This is the guy who ripped me a fucking new one for not carrying on the back of a bike, in the dark on city streets, two lawn chairs after the folk fest because I was unaware they were ours, and that it was on me to carry them? Did I mention it was the first time I'd ridden a bike in a decade? Yeah.

So yeah fucking crazzzzy.
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