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went to the drop in parenting center with S, its basically a playroom with lots of toys for the not quite ready to attend school set. S might be the youngest that goes.

But ARGH. The fucking bitchymamas that go there. Good fucking god. They're rude to the immigrant mothers, they stand around fretting about whatever damn woo bullshit that crosses their mind and how "parenting is SOO important" while their darling shit of a daughter snots off and talks really rudely to me and Stirling and throws a snitfit when she thought someone said someone else was smarter than her. Horrid child.

They don't seem very welcoming of S and I, and haven't been. I tried to join conversations but it's clear "we're not welcome" in the clique.

Fuck em. The director of the place adores Stirling and we're entitled to use the room as they are. We're allowed to go to the Y swim time if we like and if you don't want me at the popular table I rather do not giveth a fuck.

But it's good for S.

now if I could shake this brutal sinus-migraine, I'd be a fairly happy human.
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