May. 20th, 2017

i've gotten smarter re issues where R thinks I'm wrong.

1. I take photo evidence.
2. Get the other person to explain it to him.

1. the ymca's layout, the school's "kinder kit display'. take pictures as proof that I didn't misread.
2. The dentist's weird billing ( turns out was a small error, because the way Bank of canuckistan does their insurance handling for employees.)

It's sad that I have to constantly document, deflect, prove but that way he can't grump up my ass sideways for percieving that I'm wrong or stupid. I'm not.

In the case of the gym, when he saw it, he grumbled mightily. In the kindergarten display 'here's what the kids need", he can't backtrack. I have it on camera.

90% less stress for me if I document my life like a CSI specialist.

My teeth look amazing. I'm hoping this works for job interviews, the damage on the right was VISIBLE and now it looks normal again.

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