Apr. 21st, 2014

got my last project back: 76% for something I went above and beyond. Yeah. FUCK YOU GBC. FUCK YOU IN THE EAR.

They turn out people who might be technically "perfect" but they turn out people who cannot function without handholding by a prof. I did it all on my own. Rarely did I run to them for help because they were too busy teaching some halfwit how to cut a fucking jump ring..AGAIN.

Not once did I score anything higher than a 75% in any project at the bench. Had I known it would be so with the chain, I'd have done one like everyone else, not all 3.

I'm not one of the "favored" third year grads, and even of that lot they had their golden students and they got all the hand holding.

I am simply NOT the sort that can turn out a piece, perfectly, after watching a demo once. Can't be. I need room to make a mistake and learn. And there's ok, no real room for that but no room for correcting errors either. I made errors by following their instruction when I started to question whether it was right.

They don't teach how to think, but I did come away with the skills I needed and I can run with it from here, and if they don't "approve", it doesn't fucking matter and it never did.

Onward to amazing stuff, freed from the constraints of the school. Bring it on.

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