Mar. 6th, 2014

Some kind of drama~! went down last week between the drop in playroom, some mothers and I think our daycare provider, but what it is, we have no idea, except for the odd glances between me or R and Stirling and the other mommies in the room. And F isn't watching A, the small girl anymore.

F, Stirling's caregiver, has 4 kids. And given that they're healthy and happy, I pretty much don't sweat shit, because seriously, she's got it down. She might do things a bit differently, but he always seems loved and clean and happy and safe and so however they get that way, I just don't really concern myself.

But I always get the impression that A's mom wanted more...her way. So I'm kind of not surprised. I dunno. I'm so fucking laid back.

I want a parenting group that's not yoked to a fucking ideology. All of them here were Yoga-cosleeper-babywearer-non-vax-naturopathy-organic bla de fucking ideologyblah. No room for the stroller loving bottle fed vaccinated wingnuts. I just don't give a flapping shit HOW others raise theirs but I loathe the ideological parenting thing. I just cannot be arsed to get that stressed over shit, because he's just fine and we're not stressed trying to get the correct stamps on the perfectmommy passport.

But...there's no place for us in that mix, of the social cesspool that seems to be moms in this area. And I mean, there are babies and kids here, but we're so shut out of the loop.

We hated co sleeping, he hates being worn, we formula feed because that's how it had to go, and we don't worry about organic because it's canada and food's pretty safe anyway, and we vaccinate because that's smart. I just fucking hate yoga for so many reasons and it seems that's all that's on offer for mom/baby stuff.

I nearly kicked someone's yorkie today because they don't fucking leash the bastard. R's given the woman shit for it too. If you have time to dress puppypoo in a coat and boots, you can fucking leash it. Sera was being obnoxious today too, and I am still on the tail end of prednisone rageys. I'm tired of people who don't look where they're going. I'm tired of the fucking constant bitter chill. I'm tired of a whole lot of stuff lately. My patience is not a generous thing these days. * unless it's Stirling or R.*

If we could, I'd keep S in daycare 2 days a week but it's so fucking expensive. R's been a bit snappy ass lately too. ( mind you so have I. Its probably the stupid neverending winter)

anyway. All sleeps, so time for a hot shower and bed, really. BED. SLEEP.

Why does parenting have to be such a social nightmare? gahhhj.

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