Feb. 7th, 2014


Had a great meeting with S over my portfolio sketches for the character jewellery, and I am grateful that she gave me that time, even if its outside the scope of assignments. Its nice. Got lots of fabulous feedback and ideas.

finished a tricky technical piece with only a few flaws. i don't expect a fantastic mark but I did...about average.

Finished a repeat assignment in gemsetting, half the class busted their stones so we had to re do the assignment and i knocked it out in under 2 hrs, and I had done well on the first run of it anyway.

Borked a wax model and re doing that but Pavel never seems bothered so long as I get the work done and hand it in at some point.

on the other hand, Idiot L was booted from the studios, hand in your bench tools and keys and thanks for playing, yet he KEEPS HANGING AROUND. And Idiot H, yes you ballin' rapper wanna be trash. I LOVE hearing for hours on end how its all about the MUN-EY and how much steak you'll buy when you sell your piece you've been working on for 4 months. Your client has long gone dude. you said it will cost 2600 to make. And you're selling it for 4k? You're stupid. Impossibly fucking stupid, and L, who owns a pawn shop and wants to be a goldsmith, is also a fucking moron.

4 of these nitwits are reportedly opening a studio. yes. 4 people who got trounced from the program for failing to complete work to any degree, OPENING A STUDIO. they don't even have the basic set of tools beyond what they got in classes ( we get a few handtools) but you're trolling the facebook group for a "flux shaft"? for sale. Its a flex shaft you fucking donkey and you go to the supply houses and buy one for around 250. jewelers don't usually sell theirs.


There's a "keep the chitchat to the outside the studios" no friends in the studio policy so Idiot L and the tagalong girl with them? Yeah. There were no profs on site today basically so I didn't get a chance to say anything. The studios are a workspace, not a social lounge and if you can't work for any length of time without your friends yammering at you? you're not an adult yet.

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