Jan. 30th, 2014

gdaaaamn. I just spent another 300 bucks on supplies. Stones, rings, tags for stamping, sheet metal. I JUST got my last two orders this week. Upside: I'm ordering this shit in JANUARY and not June. So I'm on things.

Basically in full on production mode. Loading the table at con this yr with a TON of goodies in the under 20 buck range, and a few wowsers in the higher range, and the usual midrange stuff.

And class at 9 am. I am not done that assignment but he's pretty lax if you hand it in late, and I can just say "baby, dr visit" and snare myself an extra week anyway. No big. Not liking doing it but nessesary to survival.

Off to wash some dishes and crawl to bed. Allergies of late have been kicking me senseless and I wake up headachy, unrested, nausea, sick because i've sneezed all night. Think i'll double the antihistamine dose tonight and see if that helps.

This weekend a studio day, get some writing done, get some sketches/work done to show prof and probably finish the first piece ( leather cuff w/silver).

I really hope this all pays off. extra stock means able to do shows on short call and have stuff to float on while I get home set up going.

Bug and I had a good day, he's finally zonked. Watching that wee brain learn about the world and figure out things is so amazing. He's realized during games of peekaboo to pull down the crib bumper, and he follows where I'm going. I can't fathom holding him back from exploring the world, with a slight protective hand. We don't want him to get maimed but a bonk on the head now and then is good when you're working shit out. He's fairly independent that way, he knows we'll come running if he's really in distress but he's good at comforting himself and moving on too. Resilience and coping with life. Good skills to have, right?

I got some black cubic zirconia. I can see one of them looking hellbound amazing in a rose-gold ring. i sense a plan....

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