Jan. 16th, 2014

bummed out and annoyed this week. One studio assignment is this tiny box clasp model before we do it in white gold, even tinier.

And I was starting out ok, then the small errors snowballed. Then we had weird class scheduling, a stupidly long pointless lecture, a lecture that was to start at 9, nope, lets start at 10, and hey it's ANOTHER FUCKING POINTLESS ONE, and then my studio being grandgoddamn fucking central station AND the return of dipshit, so now I'm surrounded by all three of the dumbass musketeers.

all of it which just fried my workflow as I'm trying to get this shit DONE, and fix mistakes that keep setting me back.

Tomorrow I hope is a short class, and I can get down to work, and Im planning on going in on saturday. if the fucking fates have mercy, I'll get it all done.

Doesn't help that the schematic for the clasp we're building doesn't really indicate the tiny "lip" one is supposed to leave on the damn thing. Just so much fuckery, really.

No idea when my cabinets arrive. ordered 2 jewelery books, since my box/locket book went AWOL, and a stone setting one, AND then a ring order. I still have a metal order to do, aieee. dragoncon/school. its kinda brutal right now.

And one classmate "I built a box clasp in 4 hours!" well, ok, you're not being interrupted at this point by the goddamn weebling idiot parade. I'd have mine done if this week hadn't been such a clusterfuck of stupid.

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