Jan. 11th, 2014

Ok day at the studio. Polished rings that get sent tomorrow. Started a wax model, worked on my brass clasp model and then things went all kinds of fucked. Got that back on track. Onward. Got some design stuff I'll use Sunday as a home-studio day and work on.

The great purge has begun. Tackled a box that papers, bills, transcripts, notes had been stuffed into. Purged the papers we don't need, they'll go down the recycling chute in the am. next up will be filing all the rest nicely.

Mentally prepping a list of craft stuff to sell off. Byebye sewing machine and pro grommet/snap setter. byebye most of the notions and fabric. Byebye. Have fun in your new homes, books.

r needs to destash some of his tech-flotsam too. Just clearing things in prep for school ending and a new chapter of things and besides, a future move, so might as well get on this shit now.

Tomorrow look at CT since they have tool cabinets on serious sale, and not sure WHERE we'd stash one but they don't go on sale often SO...we'll figure some kind of thing out. Storage room gets a proper purge out next. That'll help.

finding things easier now that I'm not carrying 90% of the childcare workload, and feeling less burned out and more enjoying Stirling. He's about to sit up on his own, and is dining on mushyfoods, if you can call wearing most of it and using a spoon as a mushyfood trebuchet "dining".

Plans for Dcon merch are on the go. SO GODDAMN much to do.
Went for korean barbeque today and then to the maaaaul, mostly for whatever reason? I don't know. Bought lots of cheap socks for the Boy as his go awol, got them all in BLACK. muahahaha. they all match! brilliant!

Browsed GAP found 2 shirts on mega clearance for 7 bucks each! and some larger size stuff for boy, same thing ( like near thrift store prices holyfuck)

Tomorrow I go to canadian tire and place an order and money for a tool cabinet that locks and is on wheels, which is a far better solution than an IKEA shelf with doors that doesn't lock and can't be moved. The cabinets are on sale 50% off so the wood shelf holding things now gets moved to the bedroom for clothing to store on, and the cabinet laughably lives next to the crib but LOCKED so that works just fine. By summer get a bench and soldering set up and I'll be pretty much in operation as a jeweler.

Oh. and went to GUESS jeans and got a shirt and a cuff, and yo, i've never ever shopped in there in my life!!!

Bug snared himself a mild case of fifth disease, a mild virus that leaves snotty noses and super rosy cheeks and it's generally so mild most kids hardly know they have it.

Tomorrow is a day of design work, laundry, wash the boy and probably start pulling apart the storage room AGAIN to pull stuff from the back to list and sell off.

And this week somehow I HAVE To start writing again.

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