Jan. 8th, 2014


Jan. 8th, 2014 09:32 pm
Tired of a whole lot of stuff these days.

Tired of the cold. Its slowing me down, making it so hard to function. Tired of the unshoveled-icecrusted sidewalks that people are too lazy to clear.

Tired of some of my class mates, though its week one. Tired of idiot "trophy mama" prattling on about smoothies and detox and tired of loudmouth always loudmouthing.

Tired of the constant "Oh you do jewelery? I bead too!" and not being taken all that seriously by anyone on my flist, who seem constantly surprised I actually do...goldsmithing not hobby beading. This is now an issue because we have a repairs class where they implore us to get repair jobs and NOT ONE GODDAMN SOUL ON MY LIST SEEMS TO REPLY.

Anyway. Week one with the daycare, with Fatuma, has gone pretty smoothly. Only the minor-est of hiccups and we're pretty much doing well there and that is one massive relief. I'm getting bench work done and so far no major disasters, and nothing feels excessively stressful..yet.

Dealing with my period today which required the use of one of the oxycodone from the c sec, just to get up and get functional. I will bring this up at the specialist GYN's consult in a couple weeks because I lose days to this every month. If I can at least get a small interim scrip to keep the oxy on hand, I won't have to brutally ration the buggers and go hurting so much.

We are using the crockpot more, though the recipe I chose was not this tasty chicken curry, it was bland, and watery. Boo.

Bug is passed out. Time to get food and get some work done.

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