Jan. 2nd, 2014

2014 resolution: simplify my life. I'm going to turf off FB people I've never interacted with in a year, not even once.

And I'm going to stop being so nice to people who have asked favors in the past and burned me repeatedly. This year we learn. Tonight I deleted someone because he's been excessively abrasive about how all that's required is "HARD WORK" for success and uh, dude. sure to some degree you do, but luck also plays in. You got lucky. You've also taken advantage of people along the way. I did you a favor twice, and both times you've acted like it was some kind of arduous hell on your part, of woe and suffering. I wasn't really even thanked for it either time. The last time, you were downright shitty and rude. So this time? you get no favors.

So I deleted him because I had been considering it for some time, tired of this.

One thing I'm really tired of but not surprised by, is how little creative boosting there is. I wasn't expecting much but it really does frost my ass something that you expected people to promote your work, but you never did it in kind. And y'know, since you decided to dabble in books and jewelery, I think i might go make a CD since I'm sure you won't mind if I stick my nose into your work like that. ( of course they sell hand over fucking fist because "name") and basically every time, I've been fucked over. I had figured there was a modicum of respect amongst us but its clear there's not. So ok.

And I knew this was going to happen.

I'm generous. I can be lavishly so when the mood strikes. I do favors and kindnesses and sometimes, I like to be thanked. Or something in kind? But when people act like I did nothing at all, and then brag how they "did it all themselves!" well, fuck yooooooooo.

My patience ran out on one such soul today and I feel actually better for it, because well, it was due.

Deleted another person because despite several attempts at contact/interaction it was dead silence and its because I'm collatteral in a conflict she has with someone ELSE. LAter, toots. ( I'm told she has a hard time keeping friends. YOU DON"T SAY.)

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